Posted by: Xalthorn | September 10, 2007

Dungeon Escape

Dungeon Escape is one of the first two environments to be designed and coded for the Mondestia website.  It is by far the easier and simpler of the two.

The main design aim is to keep the rules,  gameplay, and record keeping simple enough to be transferred to other gameplay styles such as a card game, board game, or full 3D computer game.

So far, the design supports this.  The gameplay is simple but effective and the core game mechanics, whilst very simple, give a great deal of versatility to the player.

The game is named because the aim of the game is to venture into a dungeon of many levels.  After completing each level, the player has the choice of ‘escaping’ with the earned treasure and rewards or venturing deeper into the dungeon.  Escape in the middle of a dungeon level is impossible, the only way to leave being to clear the level and escape or die and thus be transported out of the dungeon.

There is no permadeath of character as such, but each hero has a limited career and after finishing this career, a new hero must be created. During the hero’s career, rewards and achievements will be gained for the player’s main account which will unlock new areas, items, and skills for future heroes.


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