Posted by: Xalthorn | September 10, 2007

Mondestia RPG

Until it gets a proper name, the working title for this environment is simply ‘Mondestia RPG’.  It will be browser based rather than the more traditional live connection methods so naturally the gameplay design has to reflect this.

I know there will be times during the design process that I will want to move or nudge the project towards a fully live system but I’ll just have to rein myself in.  A browser based RPG is very possible (as proven by so many out there) it just has its own complications to deal with.

I’m basing this design on an old project that died a death many years ago.  That project was going to be a textual MUD using a live connection to the server so naturally changes will need to be made.

I think it will be easier to start brainstorming broad concepts for the game in separate posts rather than in here…


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