Posted by: Xalthorn | September 11, 2007

Character development

I don’t like character classes that determine what a character can do, nor do I like the level advancement structure.  Also although combat will be present in the game, I don’t want people to think of it as yet another kill things, level, kill some more, level style game.

Characters have access to any of the skills and abilities in the game and can develop them individually as they see fit.  Combat is not a requirement unless you happen to wander into a dangerous situation, in which case more fool you.

A character will not gain levels and prestige in the traditional way, they will gain prestige by their actions and deeds and gain ‘power’ in their increased ability and versatility.

It is becoming more and more common for RPGs to allow players to do tasks other than fighting, but it is usually a sideline of the main gameplay.  In Mondestia RPG, if you want to play your character as a tradesman, merchant, scribe, whatever, then you should be able to.

Increasing your ability in a given skill is not done by killing a few monsters, earning some points and then developing an otherwise unused skill.  You gain experience and increased ability by using and practicing the skill.

As such, character development is likely to be slower than some players would like, but the improvement curve will allow them to be functional in the skill early on (fast learning once you have the basic understanding, getting slower as there is less and less to learn).

Some skills will require a tutor or some form of study reference (usually academic studies and this includes magic).  As such, characters may find it beneficial to enrol in an academy or school and spend time there, attending classes, lectures, and so on.

Other skills are simply (?) a matter of practice and working things out.  The character has a number of attributes that reflect his or her physical and mental traits which will show among other things, how quickly they are able to learn or pick up certain skills.  These attributes can also be increased and their minimum and maximum values are limited only by their race.


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