Posted by: Xalthorn | September 15, 2007

3D Game Engines

Sheesh, talk about trying to find a needle in a haystack..

I want to release a local version of Dungeon Escape at the same time as I release the PBBG version.  I last looked at 3D game engines many years ago whilst I was dabbling with the code myself.  I assumed that by now the technology would be so standard that there would be a range to choose from.

And yes, there is a huge selection of engines promising this and that.  A lot of them free for non commercial use which is ideal for me.

However, which one to use?  I’ve downloaded and installed many alternatives, many of which are mainly render engines (Ogre, irrlicht, etc) and need additional libraries to be installed before you can do anything ‘useful’ with them.

I never expected a ‘click a few buttons and make your game’ style thing, but I did expect that the general ‘shell’ with graphics, input, basic collision, and interface would exist.  I’ve probably missed many perfect packages, but I’ve found something which seems to offer what I need, Panda3D.

I’ve downloaded, installed, and run some samples and it’s looking promising.


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