Posted by: Xalthorn | September 20, 2007

Mondestia ‘Home’ Environment

At the heart of the player interface in Mondestia is the ‘Home’ environment.  This is a graphical representation of the little area in the Mondestia world that the player calls home.

Using the same graphic style as many other Mondestia environments (the ones that represent locations and objects), the player can move around this place and admire what he has built.

Initially, it will be quite an empty place, probably a small house in the middle of a grassy plain.  The player can move their avatar around the map and into the house, interacting (to some degree) with the objects there.  Moveable objects can be moved for example, and unlocked outfits can be selected and worn.

As achievements are unlocked, and gold is gained from other environments (like the Dungeon Escape token->gold conversion) the player/avatar can buy improvements and structures, placing them where they like within the boundary of their home environment.  This will include things like furniture, house extensions, pathways, fences, fountains, trees, plants, etc.

Eventually, the player will be able to build additional buildings that have more functionality and their own NPCs to run them.  Item shops, outfit shops, farms, workshops, and so on.

The player will also be able to create a number of invitation lists and decide which ones are active at any given time (to allow a standard ‘friends’ list and specific event lists).  The players on these lists are able to visit this home environment and interact with the other players, the NPCs and the environmental pieces.

Some of the other environments will unlock certain things that can be placed in the home environment (a hall of heroes for Dungeon Escape for example).  If these are used, they may well provide resources that can be used by the environment that unlocked it in the first place.

Basically, lots to do, things to find and unlock, and hopefully fun as well.


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