Posted by: Xalthorn | September 20, 2007

Persistence of State

Another thing that I am ensuring remains standard in Mondestia and its environments is that the state of the player game should be maintained at all times.

In other words if you log into Mondestia, go to the Dungeon Escape environment and start playing, you can happily cross to another environment or the forums, play or read stuff and then go back to the Dungeon Escape environment and see that you are in exactly the same place that you were in when you left.

This is easy in the single player games, and can be done in the multiplayer games with checks being made to make sure that something hasn’t happened to you since you last logged in.  Although, those checks will be made each page view anyway, so there’s no real issue there either.

I have successfully implemented this in the Dungeon Escape Alpha version (in the Alpha, if you close your browser, the session ends and all data is lost as it doesn’t use a database backend yet).  You can browse through the site (what little there is), change your display preferences, and go back to the game and see that nothing has changed.  The game is still waiting for you.

The only thing that isn’t preserved is any form data that you were in the process of filling in.


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