Posted by: Xalthorn | September 21, 2007

Dungeon Escape dungeon balance

One thing that I am addressing with the Alpha test of Dungeon Escape is the number of rooms that should be present in a level of a dungeon, and how many levels a dungeon should have.

If there are too few rooms per level, then a level is too easy and over too quickly.  Heroes will rise in power too quickly and have very little to show for it (treasures gained are dependant on monsters killed).  If there are too many rooms, then a level is too hard (hero health attrition) and can take so long that the hero takes too long to gain power.

Because I also want players to create their own dungeons to play online or offline with friends, restrictions and guidelines are needed.  If they weren’t in place, then a player could create a dungeon with one room per level and suddenly accelerate their heroes (and their friends) through the power ranks.  Very unbalanced, very silly, and will be abused in so many ways.

This is why there needs to be a minimum number of rooms per level, and perhaps a recommended maximum. 

Each dungeon will have a difficulty rating associated with it, and because the POW range of the monsters is known (allowing the hero to decide whether they feel up to the challenge), the difficulty will be based on how many rooms there are on the levels.

Because of this, the difficulty is based on a situation where the hero has a similar POW to the majority (average) of monsters in the dungeon.  If your hero is the same POW as the monsters, you should expect a ‘fair’ game if you went into an average difficulty dungeon, and be able to complete at least one level of an easy difficulty dungeon.  You would want to take plenty of healing potions for hard dungeons, and be almost suicidal to do an insane difficulty dungeon.

Obviously, when your POW is higher than the monsters in the dungeon, you will select more difficult dungeons.


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