Posted by: Xalthorn | September 24, 2007

Dungeon Escape Alpha progress

So far, the alpha testing of Dungeon Escape hasn’t shown any problems in gameplay, which is a relief.  The game balance still needs to be checked with some more methodical testing, but generally the game works as it is expected to.

Therefore I think it’s time to start making it look like its eventual release.  This means that I need to complete a lot of the encompassing interface and graphics, as well as a proper user registration and login system.  Not to mention making sure that the game code fits into the modular structure of the site.

When that is all done, complete with the privilege system, I will be able to open up the site for testers to come and playtest and also try to break the system to identify any potential problems before I go to open Beta.

Off the top of my head, the things I need to either complete or implement are:

Mondestia Shell

  • Single user registration and login to access the site and its environments
  • Avatar system
  • Environment system
  • Multiple language system
  • Personal preferences system
  • Two wildly different site styles rather than re-coloured versions
  • Privilege system to restrict access to certain environments on a per user basis
  • Central achievement system
  • Forums
  • Personal message system

Dungeon Escape Environment

  • Environment for Dungeon Escape
  • Hero creation
  • Outfit system for heroes
  • Dungeon editor
  • Dungeons
  • Monsters
  • Items
  • Achievements that are recorded in the central player record
  • The game itself
  • Multiplayer support framework (doesn’t need coding yet but it needs to be catered for)

Dummy Environment

Create an environment which is secure and no-one has privileges to, to see if people can access it somehow.


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