Posted by: Xalthorn | December 27, 2010

My first game released

Finally, a project I started actually ended up with a product.

Although I still want to create a browser based game, I let myself get distracted with the iPhone/iPod OS and recreated my puzzle game ‘Gemocide’ on there.

For those that want to have a look, it’s at with a website and forums for it at

So far, sales have been pretty non-existent although it’s only been out a few days.  I did send a promo code to as many review sites as I could find (that were still alive) and hopefully I’ll start to see some reviews soon.

As with all new programming languages, there is a huge learning curve and it always makes sense to start off with something simple until you get to grips with things, which is why I started with the puzzle game.

Me being me though, I don’t like keeping things too simple and a few features crept in whilst I was developing.  Normally I’d be quite well behaved and avoid feature-creep, but in this case one of them made a huge difference.  I *think* it’s the first puzzle game that lets you create your own levels, export them as a picture, and when you’ve sent the picture to your friends, they can import the level into their game and see if they can match your score.

Even if it isn’t new, I’m proud of that one.  If nothing else, it means I can release new levels for players to expand their game without having  to submit a new version of the binary to Apple.

The next thing to do is try something a little more… pazazzy (couldn’t find an appropriate word, but that will do).  I’m going to toddle over to Danc’s Lost Garden ( to re-read the licence for his free art and see if I really can use it in a commercial game.  If so, I will have a head-start on the graphics side of things and I have a few ideas how I can make a game based around those graphics.



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