About Me

Hi everyone,

I am Xalthorn and I created this blog to try to bring together my assorted musings and thoughts in an effort to complete some of the myriad of game projects I have on the go.

Time will tell if I am successful or not.

If people are wondering, the header image is from my art ‘Yeah Right!’.  It is a reworking of the classic ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’.  The fourth dragon is thinking ‘yeah, right!’.  The full version can be seen here



  1. Hey,
    I just wanted to say that you have some really interesting posts here, great work!

    I read your comment on PBBG’s blog where you say that you played “InselKampf”, a game I had never heard of before, but after checking it out, was a bit shocked to discover that it is almost exactly the game I have planned / am working on.

    The core-gameplay idea for my game was originally taken from Travian and Tribalwars, which are almost identical to Insel Kampf. What shocked me was that my game had the exact same theme! Islands, ships etc. Imagine that.

    On the other hand I have many unique features planned, namely combining some strategy and RPG principles. I played one of the aforementioned games myself for a while, and so I know what players like/dislike and what to improve on.

    Regarding InselKampf, I find it generally unappealing due to a number of factors. For one, there are almost no graphics, and the few that are there are really small. I don’t think a browser-game needs a lot of eye-candy to look appealing, but it does need to communicate the theme of your game, especially on the front page. Additionally, a clean-cut layout helps, which they have.

    Lastly I thought the interface was really cramped, and everything felt very static. Plus it was loading really slowly (14 players were online!).

    Anyhow, the reason I blabbed all this is up, – I would like to know why YOU dislike / abandoned it, and what you think a game of that type needs to make it better.

    At first I thought you might be interested in teaming up, but seeing that you’re busy with your own game, scratch that.

    Get back to me soon, will ye?
    Thanks, Marcel.

  2. Hi Marcel,

    I’ve also played TribalWars and Travian and apart from a few nice touches, they are pretty similar in overall gameplay.

    I’m pretty sure InselKampf moved to version 2, whether this was official or unofficial, I’m not sure.

    The original version had no lag or slowness issues at all, it ran fine with hundreds of players online.

    Although it had very few graphics, it worked surprisingly well and players just concentrated on the strategy and politics aspect of the game.

    The reason I walked away from the game was because it was soaking up way too much of my time. Also, I had pretty much achieved everything I wanted to achieve as well.

    Its main problem was the perpetual game (with no winner or proper end-game conditions) and once someone started to win, there was no way of stopping them. With regards to winning, I’m referring to a player who had over 1,000 islands and was just picking new ones up left right and centre.

    I’ve actually got some notes tucked away for a version I was going to work on, but as an overview, I think that these games need a winning condition so that it doesn’t become stale. They also need some way (apart from alliances/guilds/whatever) for players to actively work together.

  3. The reworking of the Oh Yeah,
    looks much moer crisp

    personally I think the Gold Dragon should be hear no evil (as in your not worth listening to)

  4. Or perhaps it’s appropriate for the green one to be green with envy, saying ‘no, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know how good it is’.

  5. Greetings,

    I stumbled upon your blog looking for a faster way to scroll the map in my real-time AJAX based game. Your scrollLeft/Top suggestion seems to have helped quite a bit but I need to do more testing.

    It’s a multi-player (5 simultaneous players per board) PacMan clone. As is most the core functionality is there but it’s lacking significant game logic (PacMan dies when a ghost gets him, super-pellets, level completion, etc) and tweeking. Mostly it’s a proof of concept / technology demo I created a few years ago and decided to work on again.


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